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The Sling High Wings are on their way to Oshkosh

Three aircraft left from Johannesburg, destination Oshkosh, on Sunday the 17th July.

Flying in a loose formation, and in daylight, the aircraft are expected to arrive latest Tuesday 26th July if all things go to plan, the second official day of Oshkosh 2022.

The factory ‘Development Prototype’ Sling High Wing ZU-SHW, is piloted by James Pitman, and his mate, Matt Cohen. James has done this trip a few times before and is experienced in long flights.

The second aircraft is N 915 HW. This is the first Sling High Wing delivered to a customer, in kit form, and assembled by its American owner, Linda Sollars, and built as a nosewheel aircraft.  N915HW will be piloted by Linda, and Mike Blyth.

Finally N 669 JP is the first Sling High Wing Taildragger delivered to a customer, again in kit form and assembled by its Namibian owner, JP “The Candourist” Schulze. This aircraft is being piloted by JP and his Australian mate, William.

The route will take them from JHB to Luanda (Angola), then onto Accra (Ghana) and Praia (Cape Verde), followed by Seawell (Barbados). Then onwards to Turks and Caicos (Bahamas) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), with final destination Oshkosh (Wisconsin, USA).

The Oshkosh community has now been waiting three years for the beauty of the Sling High Wing to grace its skies and exhibition spaces. Now it’s finally happening with three aircraft arriving en masse.

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