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Give your flying career a lift-off at Aeronav Academy!

Aeronav Academy is a TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) recognised training facility, with over 45 years of experience in the aviation training industry in South Africa, and strives to provide clients with safe, quality flight training.

Aeronav’s signature training programme is the commercial pilot’s licence with multi-engine class rating, combined with the multi-engine instrument rating. This combination provides the essential qualifications for a pilot to be considered ‘employable’ in the modern aviation industry.

All multi-engine training is done on the Diamond DA42 Twinstar aeroplane – the most technologically advanced piston twin trainer available for multi-engine training in South Africa – and the multi-engine piston model on Aeronav’s ALX flight simulator. The real aeroplane and the simulator model are closely matched in terms of performance, handling and instrument panel layout, providing the student with an almost seamless training experience.

Through a fleet of well-maintained modern aircraft, a ground school staffed with highly qualified lecturers and a team of dedicated staff who will always go the extra mile, flight training is conducted seamlessly in a professional and friendly environment.

The programme can be completed in as little as 11 hours, with 6 hours being in the simulator. This makes the training intensive and makes optimal use of the student’s time, while at the same time holding cost to a minimum.

The program also provides the launchpad for more advanced qualifications such as RNAV, multi-crew coordination (MCC) and ultimately the airline transport pilot’s licence.

Based at Lanseria International Airport, the experience gained by students from learning to fly in an environment of operating at a fully controlled airport amongst heavy commercial traffic and in controlled airspace gives students access to a host of facilities and the confidence they will need to successfully transition to a career in aviation.

Aeronav Academy is a SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) accredited training organisation, and is an active members of both CAASA (The Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa) and AATOSA (Association of Aviation Training Organisation of South Africa).




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