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50th anniversary of Van’s Aircraft celebration

This year, Kitty Hawk Airfield will celebrate the 50th anniversary on Heritage Day, Saturday the 24th September 2022.

Van’s Aircraft, Inc. is an American kit aircraft manufacturer, founded by Richard “Van” VanGrunsven in 1972.

Vans RV series of aircraft, range from the single-seat RV-3 to the RV-14, and are all-aluminium, low-wing monoplanes of monocoque construction. However, the latest RV-15 is a new high wing, a first for Vans Aircraft.

Did you know that on average, 1.5 RVs are completed and flown for the first time each day?

To help celebrate, Kitty Hawk will be offering a free breakfast and a Van’s Aircraft 50th anniversary cap for visiting pilots. This will easily become a collector’s item for all you aviation aficionados.

All South African based RV pilots are encouraged to attend as we celebrate this incredible milestone of the finest kit plane in the world!

Robin Coss Aviation and Sport Plane Builders are the sponsors. The event is SACAA approved with AFIS service available on the day.

Nigel Musgrave will be acting safety officer with airport manager Dawie Pretorius in attendance.

All aircraft types welcome.

General Info:

Kitty Hawk (FAKT) aerodrome is located 30km and an easy 20 minute drive south east of Pretoria in the Boschkop area.

The airfield is privately owned and administrated under a sectional title scheme. Membership is open to the public and non-members are welcome to fly in. Kitty Hawk does not levy landing fees, and there is a fuel bay with Avgas available seven days a week.

  • Pilots to broadcast their intentions on 120,65 MHz Kitty Hawk traffic when east of the Waterkloof CTR.
  • Aircraft join overhead at 6100 ft, but to the east and keep all circuit patterns to the east.
  • Runway 01 – Right hand circuits. Runway 19 – Left hand circuits.
  • 01/19 – 800m x 18m tar runway.

For more info contact us:

Irmarie at 012- 8020942

Registration details:




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