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Tom Cruise brings his own mini Air Force to South Africa

It is no longer a secret. Tom Cruise is in South Africa, and the reason he is here is to continue filming the next sequel of the Mission Impossible movie.

What is known is that he has bought in four Boeing Stearman’s which have arrived on the back of a two flatbed trailers in the small town of Hoedspruit. How these aircraft will be used in the movie is not known at present, but if Tom Cruise doing some wingwalking on one of the Stearman’s in the Uk is anything to go by, then we are sure it is going to be some damn interesting filming coming up.

Tom Cruise has also been seen piloting a Squirrel helicopter in the last couple of days. It is also known that three black helicopters are being used so far.

First sighting was in Kwa-Zulu Natal flying in his helicopter over Oribi Gorge

The actor was also noticed and photographed by a Hoedspruit resident known for her leopard spotting talents and photography. Cruise was spotted flying above her property in a helicopter, according to homeowner Gillian Leigh Soames. Gillian decided to flash him to offer him a more than warm welcome, and the “chopper flashed her back,” according to her social media announcement.

We will keep track of developments.




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