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Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa training weekend

SACSA is holding a training camp at Kitty Hawk, East of Pretoria, this weekend 10 and 11 March 2023

Training will take place within an ‘Aerobatic Box’, where trainees will be critiqued by Judges and Unlimited pilots. As always some big names will be present, and it is a valuable way to find out more about the sport of aerobatics.

Classes are divided up into different levels to cater for pilots as they improve and move up from one class to another.

New competitors start at the lowest level and proceed in complexity throughout the classes.

South Africa has the following classes:  

  • Graduate
  • Sportsman
  • RV
  • Intermediate,
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited

The categories vary by difficulty of the individual aerobatic manoeuvres they contain, as well as the combination of those manoeuvres within the sequence.

Unfortunately the event is closed to the public, but pilots are welcome to fly in.

All we ask is to respect normal airfield operations and ensure that you do not stray into the active aerobatic box.

The Sports Aerobatic Club welcomes existing pilots to come watch with the hope that it will encourage them to join the sport.

The Sport Aerobatic Club is an Approved Recreational Organisation (ARO) registered with the SACAA, and is a section of the Aero Club of South Africa.

ICAO:                    FAKT

Co-ordinates:     S25º.86, E28º.45

Elevation:            4,586 feet

Runway:              1/19  (800m x 18m tar runway)

Images: Julian Smith




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