Smoke On Go

Sling High Wings make it to Oshkosh!

9,265 miles in 11 days, tailwinds all the way until the very last day.

“This was such an unbelievable experience – building and flying this most incredible machine with such an extraordinary, visionary, talented and passionate people. We had a hero’s greeting and I sense that I am yet to appreciate the full impact of our story.”

– Linda Sollars.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh recently welcomed our Sling High Wings with open arms and big smiles! The trio made their arrival on Wednesday afternoon and were greeted by a massive crowd of South Africans, American admirers and an ecstatic Sling Aircraft North America crew.

Many interviews were conducted by the various media outlets as the much-anticipated aircraft made their arrival and which will be published in the very near future but for now, here is a snippet of their long-awaited arrival.

As EAA AirVenture Oshkosh moves forward, so are we at Sling! Today, Sling Pilot Academy previews a forum concerning our Sling High Wing journey as well as the future of our High Wing builds.

The full forum will be available soon so keep watching!




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