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Patrick Davidson – Unlimited class aerobatics champion 2022

Having just won The SAC Nationals Unlimited Class in June 2022 at Wings Park East London, we take a look at this remarkable pilot.

When you meet Patrick Davidson you will notice a few things. He is always smiling, friendly, and has brilliant sense of humour to go with his positive outlook on life.

This man has a lot to serious about, as his responsibilities are rather daunting, with running the family business and his flying commitments, and yet he always manages to come across as a people’s person. Attitude has a lot to do with your altitude.

The Davidson family has deep aviation roots going back three generations. Patrick’s grandfather, Douglas started flying in the Royal Air Force, which inspired Stuart (STU), Patrick’s father to fly.

Generally growing up in a flying family will either make you a pilot, or be involved in aviation one way or another. “When you are born into an aviation family, it is in your blood,” says Patrick.

Patrick took his first aircraft ride in a Pitts Special at the tender age of three. When he was 12, he won his first aerobatic competition in an Sukhoi Su-29 two-seater unlimited aerobatic aircraft in the beginners class of the South African Aerobatics Championships in Margate, where he was accompanied by a safety pilot.

A few years later on his 17th birthday, Patrick went solo in his father’s North American T-6 Harvard at Algoa Flying Club in Port Elizabeth. A day he says he will never forget. Since then, he has won six unlimited titles and 3 in advanced when this was the highest class in SA aerobatics.

After winning the Durban Sky Grand Prix at Greyville in 2016, Patrick received an invitation in October to attend a training camp in Spain to fly in the RED BULL Challenger Cup Series.

During his 2 seasons in the Challenger Cup he achieved 5 podium finishes and 2 pole positions.

Patrick is presently a RED BULL athlete for aerobatics. With the potential new Air Race Series starting this year, we look forward to seeing Patrick gain more and more popularity worldwide.

When asked if he has any unfulfilled ambitions, he answers , “To be the Unlimited World Aerobatics Champion.”

This man has a passion to win and with a personality to match.




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