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Kitty Hawk RV Fly-In 2023

The Annual Kitty Hawk RV Fly-In takes place on 16 September 2023 brought to you by Robin Coss Aviation, Puma Energy and Sport Plane Builders.

Fellow RV pilots, please join Kitty Hawk Aerodrome for the annual Kitty Hawk RV Fly-In.

Date:         16 September 2023

Time:        Arrivals from 7:00

AFIS:         7:00-15:00 Local

Please click on the link below to register for the day:

Visit Kitty Hawk web site for Airport details

Free RV Cap and breakfast for all visiting and pre-registered pilots!

Kitty Hawk Information

Kitty Hawk aerodrome is located 30km and an easy 20 minute drive south east of Pretoria in the Boschkop area. The airfield is the central hub for an active aviation community and offers aircraft owners superb facilities.

The airfield is privately owned and administrated under a sectional title scheme. Membership is open to the public and non-members are welcome to fly in. Kitty Hawk does not levy landing fees and there is a fuel bay with AVGAS available 7 days a week.

Key features of the airfield include:

  • convenient location
  • 800m x 18m tar runway
  • fuel bay with AVGAS 7 days a week
  • superb clubhouse
  • Kitty Hawk Flying Club with regular social events

FAKT AD 2.20 Local Traffic Regulations

Coordinates  –  S 25°51′37″   E 28°26′59″

(1) Runway 01 Right hand circuits.
(2) Runway 19 Left hand circuits.
(3) Pilots to broadcast their intentions on 120,65 MHz Kitty Hawk Traffic when east of the Waterkloof CTR.
(4) Join overhead 6100 ft
(5) APPROACH 01 – Be aware of turbulence & down drafts/wind shear.
(6) Keep look out for guinea fowl & buck at times.
(7) Occasional aerobatic practice on Western side.
(8) Helicopter parking marked (H) on North Eastern side of airfield.
(9) Poor radio coms between holding point 01 & 19 at times.
(10) Caution: Westerly winds cause extreme turbulence near threshold 01.




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