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Experience the ProFlight Series 2

Five pilots, seven different aircrafts. Get to know the pilots who fly with the ProFlight Series 2.

The ProFlight Series 2 is the lightest aviation headset Bose has ever produced, and when you’re putting in the hours required to become a professional pilot, comfort goes a long way.

The pilot community is made up of people from all different backgrounds who fly all sorts of aircraft. But what unites us is the shared pursuit of becoming our best selves. These are the stories of pilots who strive to reach their potential – and then exceed it.

Explore the stories below to learn about their unique experiences and how Bose is a part of their journey.

 “For someone to see a black person as a captain, I’m not the stereotypical person that you connect with flying a plane. I think representation matters a lot. You can be young, black, a woman, any minority; the airplane does not care who’s flying it.”

“I am reliably listening to two or three frequencies at once in the 757. You have to listen to the ADS-B, actively be on the radio and listen to the captain. I need to make sure I can hear all of those things accurately in order to do the best job possible.”

“I think ultimately, it’s critical that equipment functions as it’s supposed to. It allows us to do our job and provide the safest and most dependable form of transportation there is.”




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