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Comfort, quality and perfection in aircraft refurbishment

Executive Aircraft Refurbishment (EAR) has a global reputation for quality and attention to detail. Their expert team will advise on all aspects of the aesthetic and technical refurbishment process – both interior and exterior, and from nose-to-tail.

Operations Management forms part of the day-to-day processes, ensuring a smooth and effective production process, resulting in the highest quality standards, and ensuring customer satisfaction. With a customer-centric approach, the process includes consulting with the customer every step of the way – communicating and providing progress reports from the start of each project, all the way to the end.

Through strategic and detailed planning, cost and quality are taken into consideration, to ensure production and maintenance is carried out in a disciplined and efficient manner to meet customer expectations.

Interior refurbishment includes:

  • Wool Carpet manufacture and installation
  • Seats upholstery and respray of seat frames
  • Roof liner refurbishment and overhaul
  • Interior plastic trim repairs and respray
  • Spray painting of interiors
  • Cabinet overhaul
  • Safety belts re-webbing and recertification thereof
  • Baggage compartment refurbishing
  • Airstairs refurbishment
  • Non-Textile Floor installation
  • Supply and application of decals

Exterior refurbishment includes:

  • Paint stripping
  • Corrosion treatment
  • Primer application
  • PRC® aerospace sealant application
  • Top coat application
  • Livery and lines scheme designs
  • Livery and lines scheme spray painting
  • Polishing of aircraft exterior
  • Decals and placards application
  • Registration change applications
  • Painting of wheel assemblies, landing gear and any components

See full details of all services offered here.

EAR’s internal policies cover rules about equipment; maintenance; materials handling; inventory management of parts and material; strategic planning; daily operations; and quality control. Each component forms part of EAR’s employees’ individual responsibility.

For more information on your one-stop shop for complete aircraft refurbishment, visit Executive Aircraft Refurbishment.




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