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Update – 2022 World Aerobatic Championships

Final results are in for 31st FAI (CIVA) World Aerobatics Championships held in Leszno, Poland, and it looks like a French whitewash for the top podium finishes.

Rob Holland was knocked out of contention on the final day, but the only two participating women pilots (both from France) finished in 11th and 20th place respectively.


 RankTeamPilotAeroplaneO/all %
 1FRAFlorent OddonExtra 330SC84,184
 2FRAAlexandre OrlowskiExtra 330SC83,296
 3FRALouis VanelExtra 330SC82,329
 4ESPOlivier MasurelExtra 330SC82,258
 5USARob HollandMXS81,888
 6ESPCastor FantobaSuchoi 26 M78,740
 7AUSAarron DeliuExtra 330SC78,411
 8FRAVictor LalloueExtra 330SC78,354
 9GERFlorian BergérExtra 330SC77,830
 10FRAMikaël BrageotExtra 330SC77,529
 11FRAAude LemordantMXS76,680
 12FRAThomas LibaudExtra 330SC75,825
 13USAJeff BoerboonExtra 330SC75,774
 14FRAGuillaume CalmesExtra 330SC74,756
 15ESPHeiner WehbergExtra 330SC74,741
 16GERRene JohnExtra 330SC73,725
 17FRAAntoine PekarExtra 330SC73,591
 18LUXCyrial TalonExtra 330SC72,128
 19USACraig GiffordExtra 330SC72,109
 20FRAAlice Gavet JunkerExtra 330SC71,842

WAC 2022 is the most prestigious and definitely the most demanding championship among all aviation events as part of the FAI (International Federation of Aviation Sports), in which the best aerobatic pilots from around the world compete (including Red Bull Air Race competitors). 

The event starts days before with contestants and judges arriving early to start official training days set from the 30th July to 3rd August.

On the pilots side, 42 entries from USA, Romania, Poland, Italy, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Hungray, Greece and France are competing against each other.

So far, French pilot Florent Oddon is leading the ranking, with Rob Holland from Team USA in 2nd place, and Frenchman Louis Vanel in third.

Female French pilot Aude Lemordant was placed 6th overall after her first day’s sequence. Aude is the two-times Aerobatics World Champion (in 2013 and 2015) and hopes to regain her title at this year’s Championships. Back in the competition after taking two years out to look after her young daughter, she knows all too well that the stakes are high. “There has been a lot of progress at a technical level. In aerobatics, there is no room for error. Which is why we’ve been training hard with the French team since April,” she said.

Interested in the world of aviation from a very young age, Aude Lemordant discovered an outlet for her passion in aerobatics. “I love flying and I love sport. Aerobatics combines the two. It’s piloting in its purest form, and so you need to be in peak physical shape.” 

The only South Africans taking part this year are in the judging area, with “Mr Aerobatics” Quinton Hawthorne and his assistant, Laszlo Liszkay. Respected and well-known South African judge John Gaiillard was also invited, but due to declining health, he turned it down. Unfortunately John passed away on Sunday 7 August. RIP.

The Chief Judge position will now be managed by Nick Buckenham, with Leif Culpin as CJ’s Assistant. Besides the assistants and the chief judge, seven other judges help in the competition.

The most popular aircraft this year is the Extra 330SC, with three Mudry CAP 232’s, and one MXS. No competition is complete without the legendary Sukhoi Su26M, with only one present.

The last day is the best time to watch the Championships , as this is when the spectacular Freestyle competition takes place in which the 12 best pilots take part.




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