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The Silver Falcons

The Silver Falcons formation aerobatic team has always been regarded as the most visible and inspirational entity of the South African Air Force. This is due to the sheer beauty and magnificence of the displays that they perform at airshows and on other occasions, all over the country .

Historically, the team has always operated under the auspices of the flight training establishments at Air Force Base Langebaanweg. 

The pilots for the Silver Falcons team are all drawn from the group of full time flying instructors that are based there. There is always a call for replacement pilots in the team, as those that have been with it, on average for about three years or so, usually find themselves being transferred to an air force squadron located elsewhere.

Those that apply to fill a newly created vacancy are made aware of the fact that they do so as volunteers and that they will be putting in a lot of time after hours for practice. They will also be away over many weekends, wherever and whenever there is a call for them to fly displays at outdoor events.

Aspirant Silver Falcon pilots wishing to fill a vacancy that is coming up will undergo a very rigorous acceptance process. Not only is of vital importance that they have superb formation flying skills to do the job, but they also have to be compatible with the other team members.

Each and every team member needs to know that they can put their trust in the newcomer and that their lives’ should not be endangered by reckless behaviour of any sort. A good, healthy, team spirit is what should always pervade.      




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