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Save time with RPAS Launchpad!

Find out more about the time saving elements that RPAS Launchpad can offer:

1. Fly-away zones for drone types have been calculated and automatically applied to determine which airspace could be impacted

2. Mission flight plans are automatically generated and can submitted to Air Traffic and Navigation Services should a flight be in controlled airspace

3. Equipment management systems allow for the accurate dispatch of compatible equipment for mission completion

4. Automation of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) data field significantly reduces mission planning times

5. All flight data is captured and synced to the mission documents on completion of the mission, requiring no further paperwork post mission

6. Repeat missions are easily created with validations on key information fields that provide the pilot with updated information in a previous mission area

Overall mission planning time has been reduced to under 30 minutes without a compromise on data accuracy or mission situational awareness.

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