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Pilot profile: Andrew Blackwood Murray

Andrew’s love and admiration for aviation began at a young age. His father often took him along to various air shows, where he would marvel at the maneuvers and tricks performed by experienced pilots.  Whilst his passion had been sparked in his adolescence, Andrew understood that the sport required money, and patiently waited until adulthood to buy his first airplane. 

“My dad used to take me along to all sorts of air shows and I would sit and marvel at the air. This was something you did not have the money to do when you were younger, unless you had the privilege of being born into an aviation family. I didn’t have anyone involved in that kind of flying so, in my later years, I waited until I could afford my own airplane, which was an Zlín Z-50.” 

Andrew’s career highlights include being selected for pilot training in the South African Air Force whilst in university and after qualifying for his wings, spending a further six years as a military pilot, flying a variety of different aircraft types. Currently, Andrew’s greatest love is for aerobatic flying which he works hard at in order to improve and perfect his skills as an aerobatic pilot. 

We talk to Andrew about what lit the aviation spark!




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