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Henley Air Flight Training strengthens partnership with Tanzania People’s Defence Force

Henley Air Flight Training (HAFT) has marked a significant milestone as the formal signing of a second training contract for 10 Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopter (CPL(H)) cadets took place at the TPDF headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

The occasion was attended by Brigadier General Senzia and a team of senior TPDF officers who oversaw the signing ceremony. The event underscores the commitment of both Henley Air Flight Training and the TPDF to the ongoing collaboration, solidifying the partnership established during the initial visit in January 2022.

The first visit, led by Andre Coetzee, Henley Air Group Executive Chairman, and Captain William Rooken-Smith, laid the foundation for this strategic partnership. The successful completion of the CPL(H) training programme by the first group of cadets in August this year further solidified the efficacy of the training programmes provided by HAFT.

Formal signature and exchange of contracts by General Senzia & André Coetzee

The second group of 10 cadets, who joined Henley Air Flight Training in early September, has shown commendable progress during the ground school phase of the programme. The signing of the contract on 14 November 2023 not only signifies the formalisation of this collaboration but also emphasises the trust and confidence the TPDF places in Henley Air Flight Training for the continued development of their aviation personnel.

“This is a momentous day for HAFT and the entire Henley Air group of companies,” said Coetzee. “The strengthened relationship with the TPDF is a testament to the quality of our training programmes and the dedication of our committed instructors. We are grateful for the hospitality and friendship extended by the TPDF, and we look forward to welcoming more cadets in the future.”

Henley Air Flight Training expresses its gratitude to the TPDF for its continued support and collaboration. This partnership represents a commitment to excellence, ensuring the highest standards in helicopter pilot training for the TPDF cadets.




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