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Cirrus South Africa

Service and support

Cirrus is dedicated to a world class experience throughout the lifetime of aircraft ownership with service and support to help you maintain your aircraft to the highest standards for the many years of your flying adventures. Their talented team are ready to provide support anywhere in Southern Africa and answer any questions you may have.

Cirrus South Africa AMO is a fully Authorized Cirrus Service centre, and approved Cirrus Partner. This service centre has been servicing Cirrus Aircraft specifically for the last 20 years and is the only recognised Cirrus Service centre on the African continent. 

Cirrus has a fully qualified, full-time team of engineers and apprentices, based at their facility at Lanseria Airport. They are fully approved to service the entire Cirrus range, from the SR 2x to SF50. Our Chief Engineer has over 20 years working on Cirrus Aircraft alone.

Our Engineers receive annual recurrent training in the US at the Cirrus Factory to maintain their standard as an Authorized service centre. As an authorized centre, Cirrus South Africa AMO complies specifically with the Cirrus manufacturer recommendations and procedures, to ensure your Cirrus Aircraft receives the service it deserves.

Flight Training

Cirrus South Africa is an Authorized Cirrus Training Centre (CTC) and a platinum partner in the Cirrus Global flight training network. The Cirrus Aircraft worldwide network of flight training professionals are experts in Cirrus flight training, CTCs and CSIP’s (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) have been personally trained and evaluated by the Cirrus Factory Flight training instructors, all are held to the same high standard of excellence that cirrus uses for flight training at their factory in Knoxville Tennessee.

Their instructors have completed their training to provide a factory level standardized experiences to clients as per the Cirrus Approach, designed to ensure Cirrus owners and operators are trained efficiently and safely. We have access to the Cirrus Approach online learning material which consists of transition / recurrent / and advanced training course for new and experienced pilots.

As the largest and most successful general aviation training programme in the world, the Cirrus approach aims to standardise training across the globe to ensure all cirrus pilots access the same information, receive the same training, and understand the intricacies of flying their chosen Cirrus model.

All our instructors at Cirrus Certified Training are chosen, trained, and evaluated by our CSIP. All instructors are managed and tracked via the Cirrus approach instructor course programme by the cirrus factory and 6 monthly recurrent courses are mandatory.

The school is run by Alex Smith – the Chief Flight Instructor, who is an approved Platinum CSIP, Cirrus Ferry Pilot and Vision Jet Pilot.

Visit the Cirrus South Africa website for more details

Download the training brochure here.




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