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Airwear flight suits – The pilot’s choice

Buying the right flight suit is a critical decision that can very well be the difference between life and death.

A popular brand with local pilots – worn by the renowned Goodyear Eagles among many others – is Airwear, a name synonymous with comfort, safety and exceptional quality.

Warm in winter yet cool in summer, Airwear flight suits are the garment of choice for the majority of South Africa’s aviators.

What sets Airwear apart is the fact that every suit is tailor-made for each individual client, ensuring a comfortable fit and protective outer layer that can last up to four years – and even longer depending on how often they are used.

Added to this, its practical design means that pilots can pull the suit open quickly and easily escape in the event of a fire.

Safety first

From a safety point of view, Airwear offers a variety of ranges, with its fire resistant suits and 100% cotton suits being the most popular, and suitable, for aviators.

With aviation using petroleum-based fuels for propulsion combined with closed cockpits, wearing any combustion supporting fabrics whilst in and around the aircraft is potentially a very serious fire hazard.

Airwear’s suits are manufactured using the highest quality fire resistant or 100% cotton fabrics. As a minimum protection we recommend our pilots wear a 100% cotton suit, with the best protection against a fire being Airwear’s fire resistant flight suits, that, with a thickness of 230gr/m, offer excellent protection and comfort.

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