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Why should you train with Aeronav Academy?

Are you unsure of where you should train to become a pilot? Look no further! Here are 20 reasons you should pick Aernoav Academy.

  1. Aeronav Academy is a SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) accredited training organisation.
  2. We are active members of both CAASA (The Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa) and AATOSA (Association of Aviation Training Organisation of South Africa)
  3. Aeronav Academy was established in 1970 and has 45 years of experience in the aviation training industry.
  4. Aeronav Academy is a TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) recognised training provider.
  5. The Diamond DA20 Eclipse is statistically the safest single engine piston training aircraft worldwide.
  6. The Diamond DA42 Twinstar is the most technologically advanced piston twin trainer available for multi-engine training in South Africa.
  7. Lanseria International Airport is well equipped giving us access to a host of facilities including emergency services, precision and non-precision approaches. Facilities accommodate RNAV, VOR, and ILS training.
  8. Training at Lanseria provides our students with a challenging environment where they will learn to efficiently operate in and out of controlled air space, learn to cope with operating amongst heavy commercial air traffic and learn to confidently communicate with air traffic control.
  9. The owner/director of Aeronav Academy is a SACAA approved DFE (designated Flight Examiner) bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance to all activities within the company.
  10. You will be trained by experienced flight instructors who are dedicated to providing quality flight instruction.
  11. You will receive structured, personalised training tailored to suit your needs and with a strong emphasis on developing a good safety ethos and airmanship.
  12. Ground school courses are held at Aeronav Academy. Our experienced lecturers will always go the extra mile to ensure students receive high quality lectures and gain the knowledge they will need to assist them with passing the required examinations.
  13. We write our own study guides which are regularly updated to accommodate syllabus and legislative changes. Study material is available for all courses offered.
  14. We are a SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) accredited examination centre. We currently offer examination facilities for PPL Exams, Night Rating exams, Restricted Radio Telephony exams and RPAS exams at our premises.
  15. We have a state of the art FNPT2 (flight simulator) which for training and flight tests.
  16. We encourage our students to take part in aviation activities such as spot landing competitions, air races and fly-ins.
  17. Johannesburg South Africa has good weather all year round.
  18. You will enjoy training in scenic country surroundings without having the inconvenience of being in a remote, isolated area.
  19. We offer competitive rates with flexible payment options.
  20. At Aeronav we do our best to create a happy environment. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere for our students.

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