Smoke On Go

The Garden Route Airshow

For the first time in 27 years, the skies above George will be filled with the sound of high performance aircraft and display teams from around the country.

Saturday the 16th of July has been set aside to host this spectacular event.


A special emphasis will be on firefighting and equipment, so expect to see many helicopters and water bombing demonstrations.

Other diverse acts will be Hangar 51 with their L-29 Delphin and Yak 52s, plus a Hawker Hunter in Swiss colours. Also included is the Marksman Aerobatic Team from Cape Town, a Boeing Stearman biplane and an L-39 Albatross.

Helicopters will abound with a classic Allouette II, an Aerospatiele Gazelle and the larger than life Sikorsky S61 helicopter used in ship to shore duties. Many other acts will follow.


After the terrible fires of June 2017 that cost so many lives and caused such destruction to this beautiful area of South Africa, the need for more firefighters, equipment and training has become a priority.

Funds raised by this event will be donated to the Southern Cape Fire Prevention Association, who will use funds in forming and training further teams as well as providing support, training and equipment to the numerous Fire Prevention Units and Volunteer Groups in the Southern Cape.

Gates open at 8am.

Contact Brett Scheuble on 084 418 3836




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