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The Cirrus revolution

It’s yours to define in your own distinctly personal way. It’s getting back from the meeting in time to see your child’s epic moment in the game. It’s not having to decide between that client contact and your daughter’s recital because now you can do both. It’s staying close to parents or grandparents to provide support.

Discovering new opportunities for “Just Us” getaways. Making it to every game of your favorite college team…both home and away. Visiting every client in your region in days rather than weeks. So dream big. Whether you are active, ambitious or a little of both, The Cirrus Life is an enabler for richer, rewarding experiences. And more of them.

In a world where overstatement and exaggeration are commonplace, few products genuinely create disruptive innovation. Cirrus Aircraft, starting as little more than a boyhood dream of two brothers in a Wisconsin barn, can truly lay claim to having revolutionized an industry. Refusing to accept the aviation standard of design that was mired in the past, the Cirrus co-founders dismissed the status quo and reinvented the idea of personal transportation.

Using advanced materials and technologies, Cirrus created an aircraft that was safer, faster and more comfortable than any personal aircraft had ever been. The clean-sheet, breakthrough design incorporated a comfortable interior worthy of a luxury automobile, a multi-function instrument display to provide faster access to better information and the remarkable, life-saving Cirrus Airframe Parachute System ®, a first for a certified, production aircraft.

From day one, the co-founders of Cirrus Aircraft were determined to change the world, and a company founded on innovation can never settle. Through the years, the Cirrus SR product line has been continuously refined and enhanced with improvements to performance, comfort, convenience, and most importantly, safety. Introducing the culmination of these collective advances: The Cirrus Aircraft G6. The Cirrus revolution continues.

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