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Pilot profile: Menno Parsons

Photo by Anton Nel

Menno Parsons, born in 1973, is one of South Africa’s most beloved aerobatic pilots. He is particularly known for his World War II North American P-51 Fighter, Mustang Sally, which has gained him the status of an airshow legend.

Menno has been taking to the skies since 2006 and has accumulated a total of 3,300 flying hours on rotary and fixed wing combined. His enthusiasm for aviation is contagious and his jaw-dropping airshow displays evoke the desire in children to one day, become pilots. The soaring beauty of his classic aircraft whistling through the skies is an exhilarating sensation.

Menno is also known for his helicopter acts and when he passes with his Huey, the blades’ distinctive sound captivates the crowd as the vibration rushes through their chest and leaves them awestruck. 

Apart from his iconic collection of aircraft, Menno is dedicated to empowering others. Whether it is helping the disadvantaged or inspiring professionals as a CEO, Menno Parsons is admired by many.

Source: Short Final TV on YouTube