Smoke On Go

Oscar Goudriaan, a perfectionist who’s happiest soaring in a thermal

Coming from a gliding and flying family, Oscar started flying at the young age of 14.

He officially went solo in 1982 when he was 16 years old at Goldfields Gliding Club.

Oscar became the World Gliding Open Class Champion in 2001, and has represented South Africa in ten World Gliding Championships since 1991. In Texas he achieved Bronze in 2012. Oscar has also taken part in two Sailplane Gran Prix Finals. He is a perfectionist, always focused on winning. 

Oscar currently holds a Private Pilot’s Licence and a Glider Pilot’s Licence having over 5000 hours in gliders and almost as much in power flying. Oscar considers himself a family man and is a very successful businessman.

Oscar likes to fly for pleasure and is always available for a chat about flying. Presently his glider of choice is the Jonker Sailplanes JS-3 Rapture.

He spoke to Smoke On Go! at the Parys Airshow where he demonstrated his JS-3 Rapture turbine powered glider.




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