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A Tribute to A Fallen Friend

I remember the first time that I met Glen Warden at the Virgina Airshow in 2000.    Such was the magnetism of the man, that after

Cessna 172 on a VW Bug chassis

Nevada enthusiast Everett Kissieck combined an old 1959 Cessna 172 with a 1968 VW Beetle chassis to create a cool non-flying car. Kissieck worked in

Hydrogen Powered Airliners

Developed by 100 British engineers under the FlyZero project banner, the project is part of the UK government and industry backed Aerospace Technology Institute which will invest a

Why Is There Only One Antonov An-225 ?

People who have seen the gigantic Antonov An-225 ‘Mriya’ in person, know that they have been fortunate to see an incredibly rare aircraft. Known for


The first practical single-blade propeller, also known as the Everel Propeller, begins in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1930s. While most engineers of the time were