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Airbus A380 auction

Get your own piece of the iconic legend! Join the A380 auction and support the Airbus Foundation to continue to make the world a beautiful place.

Starting today, and running for the next three days, Airbus is offering a piece of an A380 to anyone who wants one.  Taken from A380 MSN 13, over five hundred A380 parts will be auctioned off in three lots:

Lot 1: October 13th 

Lot 2: October 14th 

Lot 3: October 15th 


The first A380 took off from Toulouse-Blagnac airport on its maiden flight on 27 April 2005. This global event, marked the beginning of a real love affair between this exceptional aircraft and people around the world.

Now Airbus is giving you the opportunity to own an authentic piece of the A380, the iconic legend that continues to demonstrate its extraordinary feat of engineering, technology and exceptional passenger experience.

Many A380 parts that will be put up for auction, will be for the benefit of the Airbus Foundation and the AIRitage association. Some of these parts, such as blades, have been entrusted to street  artists who have turned them into works of art. Airbus gave carte blanche to Kellymiti, Méro, Miadana Randriamorasata, Sabha, O’Rabbit (Lapin), Spot and Xerou, artists with varied profiles, to share certain experiences, themes and aspirations.

“The auction of A380 components is already unique, and these pieces, which have become works of art thanks to artists’ inspiration, are all the more exclusive and desirable. They will undoubtedly be one of the main attractions of this auction,” said Sophie de Lacroix, who is in charge of organising the auction for Airbus.

It’s a safe bet that amateurs will be thrilled when Maître Marc Labarbe, the auctioneer chosen by Airbus to lead the sale, will auction off an integral part of the A380 legend. “Someone will have the chance to acquire one of the famous orange suits worn by Claude Lelaie, one of the two pilots who flew with Jacques Rosay during the flight test campaign of the first A380.”

“From the very first flight, we were able to see that the plane was well conceived and that it had tremendous potential,” said Claude Lelaie. “This iconic outfit recalls the extraordinary human adventure of the aircraft’s flight test campaign.”

The proceeds from this auction will help the Airbus Foundation continue to facilitate charitable initiatives worldwide, preserving our aerospace heritage. 

See auction details and register online today:




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