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Skyhawk Aviation

We provide the highest standard of pilot training available, as well as an entire overview of the commercial aviation sector. Visit us at Hangar 30, Gate 5 Lanseria, to immerse yourself in our ‘Total Experience’ interactive aviation display, centered around our Boeing 737-200 nose section. Whether your goal is to become a Commercial Pilot or to obtain a Private Pilot’s License for recreational flying, we pride ourselves with our experienced flight instructors, our comprehensive fleet of well-equipped aircraft and a vibrant and educational training environment. Owned and operated by a current Airbus Captain, we provide a reality check about the path to becoming a Commercial Pilot. We are in the best possible position at Lanseria International Airport, with a huge variety of aircraft passing our hangar doors, from Cessnas to Boeings.  Visit us and be treated to aviation in action.

Contact number: 011 701 2622
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