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Revealed, the new prototype Van’s RV15 high wing

Van’s Aircraft has finally revealed the prototype of the new RV-15 to staff and media.

This is the first time that Van’s Aircraft has built a high wing aircraft, and also an aircraft specifically designed to be used in back-country and tundra flying. The aircraft features internally dampened landing gear and can be fitted with tundra tyres. Another great feature is the fowler flaps.

Although this is an engineering prototype, it is not expected to change much before it is offered to the public in kit-form. Customers are hoping that the aircraft will also be able to be fitted with floats as an option.

The aircraft will be one of the star attractions at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 where Van’s will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. The RV -15 is expected to draw many new customers who have a demand for this type of aircraft.

Watch the videos of the reveal and the RV15 test flight below:




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