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Have you heard of RPAS Launchpad?

Launchpad has been developed with the combination of the airline and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System industry experience so that the software meets the standard of local aviation authorities. The development team have extensive experience as airline pilots and flight instructors on both fixed wing and RPAS aircraft.

RPAS Launchpad focuses on mission planning time reduction, enabling RPAS operators to deploy aircraft faster while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements and accurately capturing the relevant information.

What do we do?

  • Operations management

Operations compliance notifications and management (e.g. Recency, expiry dates).

  • Accurate and timely completion of operational requirements in a digital format

SA CAA Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) alignment for the digital compilation of the Field Operations Manual (FOM).

Pin drop capability for operations planning (Mission location, operational airspace, ERP Emergency Response Plan).

  • Data accuracy for increased safety

Manned aviation standard air data sources for drone mission planning (i.e. the same airspace data that commercial airlines use in the cockpit).

Drone performance and fly-away database for all accredited drones in South Africa.

  • Regulation compliant

SA CAA acceptance of the digitally produced FOM through RPAS Launchpad.

Audit tracking throughout the platform (e.g. Mission creation and change history).

  • Cost savings

Backed by drone insurance brokers and underwriters with insurance excess reductions and reductions in assessor fees should you have an accident or incident.

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