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Our Training Fleet – Aeronav Academy

We operate a fleet of modern, high-quality aircraft specifically chosen to give our students the safest, most cost effective and enjoyable experience throughout training.

Our aircraft of choice for basic training is the Diamond DA20 Eclipse. The DA20 is statistically the safest training aircraft in the world and its composite construction and tapered wingtips significantly improve performance giving a higher cruise speed and rate of climb than most other trainers. The bubble canopy, comfortable seating position, and centre stick control provides the pilot with excellent visibility and makes flying and training on the DA20 a natural and enjoyable experience.

For those who prefer the older generation trainers we have a Cessna 172 available for basic training. We also offer the more complex Cessna 182 for advanced/ complex training. The 182’s proven reliability and performance make it the ideal steppingstone between our basic trainers and the more advanced and demanding aircraft you may wish to fly in future.

The flagship of our fleet is without a doubt the Diamond DA42 Twinstar. The DA42 is designed for pilots who truly want to go places in safety and in style. Its simplicity of operation, stability and safe handling characteristics make it an excellent aircraft more than capable of meeting your multi-engine training needs. The DA42 is a technically advanced aircraft with a composite airframe, diesel engines, glass cockpit and sophisticated avionics make it ideal preparation for an airline environment. The Garmin G1000 electronic flight information system puts a wealth of flight-critical data at your fingertips such as navigation, weather, terrain and engine data on a large-format, high resolution display.

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