Smoke On Go

Ivan Van Der Schaar

Ivan is the perfect example of someone who has worked extremely hard to achieve his aviation goals, one of which was becoming an airline captain flying Boeing 737s and the other of pursuing both his hobby and his passion of displaying biplane aircraft at airshows around the country.

Over time, he and his family have restored both a Pitts Special and also a vintage Boeing Stearman open cockpit biplane. He has a great love for the Stearman in particular as it has a delightful presence and charm about it. The display of smooth and graceful classic aerobatic manoeuvres that he flies in this aircraft are greatly appreciated by the spectators.

When Ivan is not flying  passengers, away at an airshow, or maintaining and servicing his beloved aircraft, he gives specialised training in the art of aerobatics and tailwheel flying techniques.  

Behind Ivan, sharing his every passion in all his endeavours, are an extremely capable wife, Sonica , and Jeandre, his young son that is a gifted craftsman.




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