Category: Competition Flying

Flying a competition sequence – diving into the aerobatics box

These aircraft are designed to be flown in the way I describe here. In fact, their great strength, controllability and power combine to enable this type of flight. It’s fair to say that it is the progress in aircraft technology that has ushered in this new, more precise and yes, more violent style of aerobatics.

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The Rules of the Game

There are intriguing topics about aerobatics that I believe will interest Smoke-On-Go readers. For example, designing sequences that create high scoring illusions, or discussing the mysteries of mental

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The Origins of Competition Aerobatics

Aerobatics started before the First World War. Some of it by mistake, such as Wilfred Parkes first successful, albeit unintentional recovery from a spin in 1912; and some of it gutsy adventurism, for example the brave Russian Nesterov

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