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Pilot Profile: Flippie Vermeulen

Capt. Flippie Vermeulen is well known for his efforts over the years to preserve commercial airliners, and was responsible for the establishment of the SAA


Shortly after the end of World War II, during the late 1940’s and into the early 1950’s, a number of lovely little American aircrafts, designed

Three –Surface Aircraft

What is a three –surface aircraft and do these aircraft offer any real benefits? A three-surface aircraft (three-lifting-surface aircraft) has a foreplane (canard), a central main wing and an

A look back – Playing for Keeps

In the mid 80’s the late Peter Celliers organized a “World Masters Aerobatic Competition” that was hosted at the La Mercy Airfield on the Kwazulu

Justin de Reuck on Extreme Photography!

Image by Justin de Reuck : The Silver Falcons in Vic formation over Table Bay. Widely regarded as one of the best aviation photographers currently

The Journey into Aviation – Glen Warden

A British Airways/Comair Boeing 737 Training Captain with over 14,000 flying hours, a former fighter pilot with the South African Air Force flying the Aermacchi

Scully Levin sits down with Tony Forbes

Tony Forbes is the owner of Cirrus South Africa. Scully Levin sat down with Tony to discuss flight planning and the incredible execution of some

Mental approach vs raw talent

Which is more valuable- the right mental approach or raw talent? I have mentioned in a past article, that (for me at least), a good

A second C-145A Skytruck for Kenya

Source: The Kenya Air Force is receiving its second C-145A Skytruck twin engine transport aircraft from the United States, out of three destined for