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Capital Air – the largest privately-owned helicopter fleet in South Africa

Founded in 1979, Capital Air has expanded from humble roots into a robust group with a solid track record in the highly specialised fields of helicopter, helicopter maintenance and high-end security services all monitored from a 24-hour Control Centre, located at Rand airport, in Johannesburg.

The aircraft are maintained in ship-shape condition and can be chartered for any of the following services:

• Executive and Leisure Travel

• Vehicle tracking and Recovery

• Aerial Surveys of Powerlines, Gas and Fuel lines

• Surveillance and Transport of High Value Cargo
Special Ops NVG “Night-Vision Goggle” Flying for Security Operations and Reaction Services

• Aerial Filming and Photography

• Game Counting and Monitoring of Wildlife Parks

• Weddings, birthdays, matric dances (Arrive or Depart in Style)

• “Flipping” or Helicopter Rides

Aircraft Maintenance

With the aid of dedicated and highly experienced engineers, Capital Air’s sophisticated maintenance and repair operations are approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and is an authorised Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO No. 2).

This in-house servicing capability includes:

• Rolls Royce model 250 workshop

• BELL helicopters 206 series and 407 series

• Component overhauls – 206 series and 407 series

• Eurocopter AS350 series

• Robinson R22 and R44 series

• BELL and Eurocopter factory-trained engineers

• Rolls Royce and Turbomeca factory-trained engineers

• Executive valet services for helicopters


Our philosophy is very simple. We have instructors with thousands of hours of actual flight time experience, who are disciplined and thorough. As a result, pilots trained at Capital Air Academy develop the skills most trusted and sought-after in their field.

Operating out of a modern office complete with ground school briefing rooms where your pre-flight briefings and lectures will be conducted. We offer an array of specialized training equipment and syllabi including Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Airline transport Pilot training, night and instrument training, Instructor training, turbine type training – single engine and twin, cargo sling ratings including long lining, mountain orientation and game capture/culling training.

Simulator training

Capital Air’s Entrol BELL (206 series) simulator, examiners and instructors are able to emulate specific scenarios relevant to the types of conditions (eg auto-pilot, weather conditions, airports world-wide, navigational aids, emergency situations, accurate system failures, etc).

Pilots are able to gain knowledge, especially in emergency situations, that they would otherwise not be able to experience during a normal training environment. The primary objectives of our training is to stress knowledge of, and skillful performance of, normal and emergency flight procedures.

Capable of the following features

• Bell 206 Cockpit Familiarisation

• Bell 206 Procedural Training (Including Safety and Emergency procedures)

• Instrument Ratings / Renewals

• Night Ratings

• Pilot Evaluation & Type Ratings

• Specific Mission Training




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